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Hangzhou ConVerd Co., Ltd.

ConVerd, located at the Hangzhou Future SCI-Tech City, is an innovative biotech company focused on oncolytic viruses (OV) and other cancer immunotherapies. Dr. Fang Hu, the founder and CEO of ConVerd, has led the successful development of the world’s first oncolytic virus drug, Oncorine ®, which was approved in China in 2005. ConVerd has a team of talented and experienced professionals with expertise that covers the entire new drug development process from bench to bed. Supported by strategic investments from Morningside and China Resources Group, ConVerd has established R&D platforms for three new generation oncolytic virotherapies. Guided by the rationale for systemic immunotherapy, ConVerd also puts great effort into exploring optimal combinations of OV and other immunotherapies. ConVerd has filed 81 patent applications in the field of cancer immunotherapy in China and other countries.