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With the development and upgrade of cancer therapy, immunotherapy represents a milestone in this field. Meanwhile, exploitation of the entire repertoire of tumor associated antigens (TAAs) and its targeting therapeutics remains crucial for the optimization of the therapeutic efficacy of immunotherapy.

ConVerd has assembled a team consisting of professionals with expertise in both preclinical and clinical development of novel drugs. A new mode of cancer treatment - CHINA Therapy - was proposed and developed by ConVerd Founder Dr. FANG HU and the team in the past 20 years.

The CHINA therapy is based on innovative oncolytic virotherapies (OV) and systemic combination therapies. OV is a magic key to the door through which the entire repertoire of TAAs can be released, and it turns "cold" tumors into "hot" tumors.

Our team officially started the OV drug development since 1998 and decided to take it one step further in 2016 when the time was just right. And we believe that OV-based combination therapies will be one of the most promising ways to conquer cancer.

We established 3 OV platforms including adenovirus, vaccinia virus, and HSV. In addition, cell therapies and other immunotherapies are also in our development pipeline, which will play a key role in optimizing the efficacy of combination therapies.